Private and Shared Remote Observatories

Your mount, OTA, computers, all deserve a home where they can achieve their full potential. Howling Coyote Remote Observatories offers the ideal home for your equipment to thrive. We provide a unique service that caters to amateur astrophotographers, universities and space industry professionals.

Get access to clear, dark skies and some of the best seeing conditions in the northern hemisphere! Located along New Mexico’s US Hwy 60 Dark Sky Corridor, our facility enjoys on average 275 nights of Bortle 1 skies and 1 to 2 arcsecond seeing, often going sub-arc second. We’ll safely and securely house your telescope at one of our private or shared observatories, so you can enjoy these skies from anywhere.

High-Quality Observatories for Secure Telescope Housing

Our remote observatories can house telescopes of all makes and sizes. We provide a complimentary premium pier, continual access to high-speed internet. All observatories also have 24/7 security cameras in a very remote region. All observatories come with security cameras with remote viewing access at all times.

So, whether you choose a shared space or a private observatory of your own, your telescope will be well looked after.

Shared Remote Observatories

At 24 feet wide by 36 feet long, a shared observatory has enough space for eleven telescopes. The automated roll-off roof does not open until half an hour before sunset and closes half an hour after sunrise. The roof will not open during the daytime or during bad weather.

Private Remote Observatories

You can also request a private observatory if you would like your own space and control of the roof. Private buildings can be 12 feet wide by 12 feet long with one pier or 12 feet wide by 20 feet long with two piers. Private buildings can be custom built to client needs.

Enjoy Our Premium Observatory Services

At Howling Coyote Remote Observatories, our dedicated and knowledgeable experts always provide exceptional customer service. Here’s what you can expect when you request private or shared telescope housing:

Expert Installation

We’ll professionally install your telescope in 1-2 days for optimal performance. If you request a private observatory, we will custom-build it for the exact specifications of your equipment.

Unparalleled Access

A secure high-speed internet connection guarantees ongoing real-time access to your equipment from the comfort of your home. You will also have 24/7 security camera access.

Reliable Support

Quickly get help with any technical issues. The owner lives on-site with service technicians close by for quick emergency assistance.

Complimentary Visits

Stay at our brand new 2453sq ft home at no extra charge during installation or come out anytime as scheduling allows. RV amenities are also provided if you wish to bring your own living quarters.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have questions about our services. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

How is the shared observatory roof controlled?

The roof is controlled by a local weather station that monitors wind, clouds, rain, moisture, dew point, humidity and sunlight. The weather station works in conjunction with Dark Dragon’s DragonLair motor roof control system.

When does the shared observatory roof open and close?

The roof opens thirty minutes before sunset so that your telescope equipment can begin acclimating. This also depends on the weather conditions for the night. The roof closes thirty minutes after sunrise.

What security measures are in place at the site?

Our site features 24/7 surveillance, on-site management and is located within a secure, gated area with a decades-long record of safety. The owner, a retired police Lieutenant, lives on site.

What is the cost?

We offer competitive pricing with one-year terms as well as 7-year lock rates. Payments can be made monthly or annually. Please call or email for pricing.

What’s included when hosting your telescope?

Our observatory services include:

  • Service Technicians
  • Owner lives on-site
  • Includes free monthly support, there is a charge if major work exceeding 2 hours has to be performed but most maintenance is complimentary.
  • Includes RV hookup and services
  • Clients and potential clients receive complimentary accommodations both during installation, and any other time as scheduling permits, allowing you hands on your system.
  • Elevation at 7,500ft
  • Bortle 1 skies
  • 1arc second seeing conditions
  • Imaging down to 25 degrees
  • Premium pier included for no additional charge
  • Generac backup generators
  • High-speed internet
  • 275 average imaging nights per year

Put Your Telescope in Prime Position

At an elevation of 7,500 feet and with very low wind and humidity, our remote observatory offers the clearest Bortle 1 skies. Your telescope will be safe here with 24/7 security and reliable high-speed internet. Are you ready for a world-class telescope-hosting experience?

Please contact us today to learn more about our private and shared observatories and get all your questions answered.

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