Welcome to Howling Coyote Remote Observatories

Your Premium Gateway to Dark, Transparent Skies

Howling Coyote Remote Observatories (HCRO) was designed and built by astronomers and astrophotographers for astronomers and astrophotographers. Our goal in creating HCRO was to provide a premier remote telescope hosting experience. We’ve accomplished this by checking off all essential requirements for a telescope hosting site, including:

  • World-Class Location Conditions
  • Easy Accessibility
  • 24/7 Security
  • Guest Accommodations
  • Premium Services

HCRO offers unparalleled access from the comfort of your home. Keep reading to learn more about this astronomical oasis in the New Mexico high desert.

World-Class Location Conditions

We had a deep desire to find the darkest, clearest skies. However, we realized that most locations were unable to deliver the Bortle 1, sub-arcsecond skies we were craving. The frustrations of light pollution and windy, cloudy nights drove us deep into the New Mexico high desert, where we finally found the perfect spot.

The location we chose met the most rigorous standards for world-class conditions:

  1. True Bortle 1 Site – We refused to settle for anything other than the least light pollution possible.
  2. Transparent Skies – At an elevation of 7,500 feet, the views here are as clear as it gets.
  3. Excellent Seeing Conditions– HCRO boasts some of the best seeing conditions in the northern hemisphere, ranging from 1 to 2 arcsecond and often sub-arc seconds.
  4. Ideal Weather – While we can’t guarantee the weather, our location typically allows for 275-300 imaging and data-collecting nights per year.

These conditions prove to be unbeatable when compared to anywhere else.

24/7 Security

Our team understands how crucial safety and security are for hosting a telescope at a remote facility. Therefore, we’ve put multiple safeguards in place to protect your equipment.

All visitors must go through two security access gates to enter the HCRO facility, and all equipment receives 24/7 security camera monitoring. The owner also lives on the property and is a retired police lieutenant. So, you can rest assured that your equipment is safe and well cared for.

Easy Accessibility

It was also important to us that our site be easily accessible by our clients. And although the location we chose is remote, it’s still easy to get to by car. The HCRO site is conveniently located just off US Highway 60. It’s 40 miles away from the NRAO Very Large Array in New Mexico and 53 miles from the Arizona border.

Guest Accommodations

We also provide complimentary accommodations for both prospective and current clients. Guests can stay at our newly completed four-bedroom house on the grounds. Two of the bedrooms in the house are duplicated master bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The guest master bedroom has its own private entry/exit door.

If you’re interested in hosting your telescope at HCRO, we welcome you to come and stay at the site at no charge! Please call 704-728-4168 to arrange your stay.

Our clients are always welcome to come visit as booking allows. We offer transportation to and from HCRO if you fly into Albuquerque, or you can rent a car, whichever works best for you. We also have a spot for your RV with water, sewer, electricity and internet available.

Premium Services

At Howling Coyote Remote Observatories, we offer more than just a great location. We also provide a complete package of exceptional customer service, telescope expertise and observatory management. Our team understands that your equipment is a significant investment. That’s why we ensure that our customers can trust us with their equipment and rely on our expertise.

Being trustworthy starts and ends with professionally installing and maintaining our customer’s equipment without cutting corners. Our attention to detail and precision get the best performance out of your mount and OTA. Beyond this, we also have an incredibly reliable infrastructure with Starlink high-speed satellite internet.

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