The Ideal Site for Remote Telescope Hosting

Howling Coyote Remote Observatories is the premier location for unobstructed views in the United States. We strategically built our remote observatory hosting site in a secluded spot along the Route 60 Dark-Sky Corridor in New Mexico.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory trusts this area for its massive Very Large Array telescope. Maximize your telescope performance with the same pristine dark skies along with premium security and tech support. Contact us to get started!

Convenient Site Infrastructure with Premium Support

Our site is a perfect fit for a wide variety of clients, including astronomers from universities, space industry professionals and amateur astrophotographers. We offer convenient remote observatory hosting services for clients around the world. This is all made possible by our state-of-the-art site infrastructure, which includes:

  • Shared and private observatories
  • Imaging down to 25 degrees in every direction
  • Premium pier included at no additional charge
  • Automated roll-off roofs with battery back up
  • High-speed internet
  • 24/7 security in a remote area with no crime record
  • The owner lives on-site, and service technicians live nearby

We also provide professional remote observatory setup at our site. Our professional technicians will help you install your telescope for optimal performance at no additional charge. Telescope installations take between 1-2 days, and we also provide ongoing technical support.

The Darkest Skies and Clearest Seeing Conditions

Our remote observatory hosting facility breaks down all barriers between you and the potential of your equipment. We’ve chosen a spot with the least light pollution, wind and precipitation. Because of this, your telescope will perform at its best, and you’ll be free to focus on capturing high resolution data.

This remote observatory setup in New Mexico boasts the following premium qualities:

Bortle 1 Skies

Bortle 1 skies allow for much longer exposures without being limited by light pollution.

7,500 ft Elevation for Maximum Transparency

This exceptionally high elevation puts our site above the inversion layer with minimal water particulates in the air. As a result, your telescope will provide the most transparent views of the stars and planets.

Low Wind Turbulence for Better Seeing Conditions

Wind speeds drop to next to nothing at night here in New Mexico. The calm, cool evenings makes for amazing one arcsecond or sub-arcsecond seeing a regular occurrence.

More Than 275 Clear Nights a Year

The high desert climate of our location in western New Mexico produces minimal cloud cover, humidity or rain for over two-thirds of the year, providing an abundance of imaging-data collection nights.

Come Visit Your Telescope

While remote imaging is convenient, many of our clients also want to come and put “hands on” their equipment. We offer complimentary accommodations for both clients and potential clients. If you are not sure where to place your OTA then come on out and check us out. We also offer free shuttle service to and from the Albuquerque airport. An RV hookup and amenities are also provided.

Interested in Our Remote Observatory Hosting Site?

Our remote facility combines the clearest, darkest New Mexico skies with all the luxuries you need to get the most out of your telescope. It would be our pleasure to discuss what hosting your telescope at our facility would look like in more detail. Please contact us today to start a conversation!

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