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Experience Imaging Like Never Before

Secure Remote Observatories with Dark, Transparent Skies and World Class Seeing Conditions

At Howling Coyote Remote Observatories (HCRO), we offer the ideal conditions for your OTA to perform at its very best. Our secluded location in the New Mexico mountains boasts transparent Bortle 1 skies and world class seeing conditions that often go sub-arc second. Enjoy these skies from the comfort of your home or office with our high-speed internet connection, professional tech support, 24/7 security and more. Contact us to get started!

The Perfect Location for Your Telescope

We strategically positioned our site along the US 60 Dark Sky Corridor, amidst an array of over 30 privately and government-owned observatories. This region is the same one trusted by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory for its Very Large Array telescope. Professional and amateur astronomers, astrophotographers, students, researchers and government bodies all trust these skies for precise high-resolution data.

What makes this location so good? It is one of the few spots in the United States with true Bortle 1 skies. We are at an elevation of 7,500 feet. We experience little atmospheric turbulence, transparent skies offer 1 to 2 arcseconds and often sub arc-second seeing conditions. The dry local climate offers on average 275-300 imaging nights.

Not only are the conditions ideal, but the support you’ll receive is even better. Our expert technicians provide professional installation and on-site tech support for optimal performance. You will always have instant remote access to your equipment with our high-speed internet.

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We Offer Private or Shared Remote Observatories

Our team will take great care to ensure your telescope is right at home at our facility. Whether you choose a shared or private observatory, you’ll receive a premium pier, high-speed internet connection, uninterrupted power source and more.

Our shared observatories house eleven telescopes and have roofs that automatically open at sunset and close at sunrise. Private observatories are an excellent option if you want your own space for one or two telescopes with full control over roof operation.

Enjoy Many Premium Benefits

Choosing HCRO means gaining access to clear, dark skies that are often not available locally, especially in cities. Our trusted expertise, secure location and the peace of mind that comes with it make us the ideal choice for your astronomical needs.

Embark on an astronomical journey with the unparalleled benefits offered by our remote observatories:

Bortle 1 Skies

1 Arcsecond Seeing Conditions

High-Speed Internet Connection

7,550 Foot Elevation

24/7 Security

Imaging Down to 25 Degrees in All Directions

250 to 300 Average Imaging Nights Per Year

Minimal Wind and Moisture

Professional Installation

Two Hours of Tech Support Each Month

Premium Pier Included at No Additional Cost

Owner Lives On-Site

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